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Tutorial: How To Add Custom Themes To Vista

Download VistaGlazz: http://download.cnet.com/VistaGlazz/3000-2072_4-10671199.html?part=dl-10671199&subj=dl&tag=button Download the Windows 7 Style For Vista: http://giannisgx89.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Style-For-Vista-102269037 This is the first in another new series of videos I'm making that will show you how to customize your Vista computer. Do note that these are directed toward Vista users. Some of these programs and hacks will work on XP and Win 7, but be sure to check before you try. Don't come to me after you try downloading Vista patches for XP or something. In case you were wondering, the Windows 7 theme didn't look right at all on the video. That's normal. For one, I am using Vista Home Basic, so Aero doesn't work. There are also other tweaks that need to be done, such as the taskbar, sidebar, etc. I may do a video later on showing you how to fully tweak it, but most other themes will work fine immediately.

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