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Sony MDR-XB500 Unboxing & Overview

Save cash on these headphones. Get them here - http://amzn.to/LGSp3I This is an unboxing & overview of the Sony XB500 headphones. These things are incredible. Here are some more details - 40mm driver units. Exclusively engineered by Sony, the extra-large 40mm Extra Bass diaphragm driver units accurately reproduce ultra-low frequency sounds and deliver dynamic, deep bass reproduction. Direct vibe structure. Built with a direct vibe structure to ensure high audio fidelity, the Extra Bass headphones feature a tightly sealed acoustic design that allows for a high level of sound isolation which reproduces powerful and extended bass sound. Closed, dynamic design. Experience the ultimate in comfortable listening with the Extra Bass headphones' over-the head, around the ear circum-aural design. The drivers inside the ear cups are angled parallel to your ears to not only reduce pressure, but increase comfort and deliver an unbelievable listening experience. Optimal sound quality. Sound leakage and a loss in audio quality are minimized thanks to a sealed acoustic design. Additionally, the MDR-XB500 headphones have an exceptionally wide frequency response from 4-24,000 Hz.

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