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Panasonic Jungle First Look

TheJungle: http://welcometo.thejungle.com/ In this video I take a first look at the Panasonic Jungle, the latest entry into the handheld video game console market. The Jungle looks to put a large focus on the online multiplayer aspect with a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad to allow you to play what are traditionally PC games such as an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, a wide array of first person shooters as well as RTS games like StarCraft 2. The Jungle also appears to have very robust build quality that should ensure that it can take a bit of abuse. Another big feature of the Jungle is the screen, which seems to be very high resolution (indeed, possibly 720P HD) and of course some powerful hardware to be able to run the graphically intense games that will almost certainly prove to be popular.

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