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Nintendo DSi Review

In this video I review the Nintendo DSi, one of the latest in the line of DS consoles. The DSi is a solid upgrade from the DS Lite with the addition of two 0.3 megapixel cameras, a slight increase in screen size, a new SD card reader to store music, audio and more, a new matte finish as well as a case redesign that sheds a bit of thickness, rearranges several of the buttons and removes the Game Boy Advance slot. I go over many things, such as build quality of the device, a full hardware walkthrough, a demo of several apps on the device including the web browser, Nintendo DSi Shop and both the camera and music applications. In addition I show some gameplay of Pokemon Soul Silver that shows off the graphics of the DSi quite well, sample pictures taken from the onboard cameras and give you my opinion on whether you should buy the DSi, the DSi XL or the upcoming 3DS. Model Number (White): TWLSWA SKU: 9503655

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