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Nintendo 3DS: First Details

In this video I go over the first solid details we have on the Nintendo 3DS, the upcoming Nintendo handheld console and successor to the very popular DS line. Thanks to some information from Kotaku we now have a good overall picture of what we can expect to see when they announce the 3DS at E3 this year. The first thing is obviously a 3D screen paired with what looks to be a camera to track your face and tailor the 3D effects of the screen better. The touchscreen might remain the same, although I tend to think that it will be upgraded to a capacitive screen from the current resistive screen that is in the DS. Graphics also stand to be improved to be on par with the Gamecube/Wii which certainly will be great in conjunction with the 3D effects. The Nintendo 3DS looks to be a major upgrade from the DS line while preserving full backwards compatibility which should make for a great console.

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