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Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch Overview

In this video I give an overview of the new Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G as well as the new Amazon Kindle 4. The Amazon Kindle Fire is the long awaited Amazon tablet and features a 7" full color IPS touchscreen display, dual core processor, 8GB of memory, a free month of Amazon Prime and full access to Amazon Kindle, Cloud Player, Prime Instant Streaming and fast web browsing with Amazon Silk. It is available for preorder today and ships on November 15th for $199. Amazon also unveiled several new Kindle eReaders. The first of which is the Kindle Touch which features a E-Ink touchscreen and loses the keyboard making it much more compact. It will be accompanied by a 3G model, giving the Amazon Kindle Touch 3G lifetime unlimited worldwide 3G data for an extra $50. The Kindle Touch will be available for preorder today and ships on November 21st for $99 with Special Offers, $139 without and the Kindle Touch 3G will run you $149 with Special Offers based ads and $189 without. Lastly there is the next generation Amazon Kindle 4, dubbed just the Kindle. This shares a very similar design to the Kindle Touch but removes the touchscreen and the X-Ray feature and adds a couple extra buttons (while still lacking a keyboard). The Kindle 4 is on sale today for $79 with Special Offers and $109 without.

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