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HP Slate 500 Coming Soon?

Leaked HP Slate 500 page (which might disappear at any time): https://h10057.www1.hp.com/ecomcat/hpcatalog/specs/provisioner/05/XB830PA.htm Recently the HP Slate has been spotted again, this time on the HP website. Many people wrote off the Windows 7 based HP Slate since HP bought Palm, instead expecting a bevy of webOS tablets. However it appears that the HP Slate is likely going to be released after all with a slight name change: the HP Slate 500. The specs stay largely the same with Windows 7 Home Premium with a custom HP interface, both a rear facing still camera along with a front facing webcam, a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and an 8.9 inch touchscreen with support for a stylus.

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