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HP / Palm webOS TouchPad Tablet First Look

Twitter: http://twitter.com/duncan33303 Site: http://stateofjailbreak.com More information: http://engt.co/h96VAT In this video I take a first look at the highly anticipated HP / Palm webOS tablet, codenamed TouchPad. Both tablets are set to run HP webOS with a design that clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the Palm Pre. The Topaz sports a 9 inch display whereas the Opal is set to launch with a 7 inch screen. Both tablets should have similar features including a buttonless design, instead relying on a gesture area that resides in the bezel. They also will contain a front facing camera, three speakers for a premium audio experience and a MicroUSB port. The release date is yet to be confirmed however it seems likely that the Opal will be ready for a September 2011 date in three configurations: Wi-Fi only, AT&T 3G and Verizon 4G.

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