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D3Live: Mac OS X Lion, iLife '11 and 11.6" MacBook Air

Buy the MacBook Air from Amazon: http://amzn.to/gpuzUD In this episode of D3Live I give my full recap on the October 2010 Back to Mac Apple event. Today they announced details on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the next version of the Mac OS that is due out Summer 2011. OS X Lion is heavily influenced by iOS and as such brings several features over including a new Mac App Store and a new Mission Control to allow you to group all your items in one place. iLife '11 also was announced today. The latest iteration of iLife includes an updated iPhoto app with support for new transitions, direct emailing of photos from inside the application and great Facebook integration. iMovie also has seen an upgrade with better audio editing support as well as a very cool Movie Trailer mode and One Step Effects. Lastly Garageband got a considerable upgrade with tutorials as well as FlexTime and Groove Matching. iLife '11 is available today for $49 as an upgrade on existing Macs and comes free with new Macs. Lastly Apple announced an all new MacBook Air. The new notebook features two sizes, a model with a 13.3" screen and a variant with an 11.6" display. The MBA is also thinner and lighter now and comes only with SSD based storage starting at 64GB and going all the way up to 256GB capacities. The new MacBook Air is available today and starts at $999.

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