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Backflip Tutorial

Watch the NEW and UPDATED backflip tutorial here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Otn894GmF0 http://www.digiresults.com/aff/740/6963 - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE BACKFLIP TECHNIQUES! MstrJames has teamed up with the Tapp Brothers to bring you a revolutionary backflip program. If your still struggling check out our complete program! http://www.digiresults.com/aff/740/6963 CHECK OUT THE NEW FLAG TUTORIAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8a_vc-Fuvo ----WARNING DISCLAIMER---- THIS TUTORIAL IS A GUIDE ONLY. IF YOU ATTEMPT TO RECREATE SUCH STUNTS AS PORTRAYED IN THIS VIDEO, IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. ANY INJURIES SUSTAINED FROM USING THIS GUIDE ARE YOUR OWN FAULT. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES SUSTAINED FROM THE USE OF THIS VIDEO. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE. PLEASE LEARN IN A GYMNASTICS CENTER. ----END WARNING DISCLAIMER---- A unique backflip tutorial that uses both video examples, and instructional text. We teach Sil how to do a backflip (who has only ever done them on trampolines before), and you can follow the steps one by one, to see what you are doing wrong! NOTE: Turning your palms to the outside in the set is personal preference - Some people like to do it this way, as it can help you lock your shoulders when you jump up, but it is not necessary. Also this tutorial is designed for trickers or other athletic people interested in learning how to do a basic backflip - if you are a gymnast you should learn the absolute "gymnast" way at a gymnastics centre (focuses alot more on form) Finally, this tutorial was created through the knowledge of many people, I do not claim to be a professional coach who knows everything about backflips. We created this tutorial and the concepts in it from just dinking around at open nights at various gyms club. When we first learned backflips we were told to just try it, and thats what happened - it was from there that we learned how to spot and do them better. Feel free to ask me any questions on how to do backflips. And don't forget to rate! :-) Good luck and stay safe! Remember to use a spotter at first! Keywords: Backflip, back flip, tutorial, lesson, instructional, gymnastics, tricking, tumbling, back tuck, backtuck, tutorials, flipping. www.evolutionstopshere.com

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