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2 GHz Motorola Droid Coming?

Twitter: http://twitter.com/duncan33303 Site: http://stateofjailbreak.com In this video I discuss the upcoming Motorola phone that is confirmed to have a 2 GHz processor, the Nvidia Tegra chipset, Flash 10.1 with support for hardware acceleration and a gyroscope for precise motion based gaming like in the iPhone 4. It also will run a version of Android, whether 2.2 or a later build. According to the CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, the phone will be released before the end of 2010. As Motorola has already confirmed that they will be launching between two and four new Android smartphones this year this will obviously be the top one. As the original Motorola Droid was released last year it's starting to get a bit outdated so it makes sense that this phone will be called the Droid 2. Of course they might brand the phone the Droid Extreme or even something entirely new but at any rate this looks to be a beast of a phone.

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