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Zippo lighter restoration - Vietnam War repair

Old Zippo lighter restoration from the Vietnam War Long Binh post. This time I do a full restoration and repair of a very dirty and rusty Zippo lighter that was sent to me to restore. I actually don’t know anything about this lighter because the person who send it was anonymous, but I assume that part of it is real. The Zippo lighters outer case seems real enough and was way more damaged and elder looking than the inner part. There was a very vague Zippo brand name in the bottom lighter case with serial number PAT 2517181 (Maybe the 8 is a 0?) The inner part of the Zippo was surprisingly shiny, after getting some wd-40 rust remover, considering it should be over 50 years old. If you know anything about this Zippo, if it’s a fake Vietnam war lighter or the real deal then please leave a comment below. I really like to know. Thanks. The inscription on the lighter was VIETNAM LONG BINH 67-68 WE HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR SO LONG WITH SO LITTLE THAT WE NOW CAN DO ANYTHING WITH NOTHING FOREVER I enjoyed doing this restoration video and it was my first time doing a lighter repair – and it was a good experience. I know I used some homemade incorrect parts assembling the lighter, you may have to forgive me for that 😉 I really liked the outcome of this restoration. This Zippo ended up way more beautiful and shiny than I expected. So, it’s definitely a keeper. If you enjoyed my video too, please like and comment. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 Please also see me turn an antique machete into a beautiful Japanese kitchen knife: https://youtu.be/0WlvIf5BFHk Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Warmest regards Martin

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