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Vintage stapler restoration video – US Pilot repair

Today I do a restoration video of a vintage US Pilot stapler from Chicago US. I do a full restoration and repair and make this beautiful old tool work very well again. I found the stapler on the local dumpster, thrown away together with other metal garbage. I can’t help it, I picked it up to restore it. The specification is: Stapler model No. 402 by Ace Fastener Co. Chicago IL- MADE IN USA. I don’t know exact how old this stapler is – I have no references because I picked it up on the dumpster. Doing this restoration video, I had to produce a new rubber foot to the stapler. I choose to use electrolytic as the main rust removal and it cooked for about 4 hours before I turned off the power. I also choose to switch the metal rivets with brass screws. This way it much easier to separate the parts for future cleaning and repair. I used Eco soap, light metal brushing and my polishing machine to give all the spare parts the final touch. It didn’t become total mirror blank – there was a lot of scars/scratches from previous use. But I think that this just gives the stapler a beautiful patina. I ran into some trouble cleaning the spring blade – You know what I’m talking about after watching the restoration video. I took me some time to wrestle down the spring blade ;o) I really liked the outcome of this restoration and I hope that you enjoyed my video too, please like and comment. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 I have more exciting projects coming up! ALSO SEE my WW1 Rare lighter restoration: https://youtu.be/364f9SgLaZM Music I use: "Dreams" by Bensound.com. Thank’s Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Warmest regards Martin

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