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Thrillist - Zenna Bar - London, UK

Just opened in Soho, Zenna positions itself as "London's first Indian cocktail bar", serving up exotic mixed beverages in a plush, low-lit space with velvety alcove seating, scattered Oriental rugs, and a shimmering metallic bar, but not a shimmering Metallica bar, because even bartenders don't want to hear about that many problems. Spicy booze starts out relatively unintimidating with the Bee Sting Martini (honey vodka/liqueur, lemon, mild chillis & peach liqueur/puree), then gets more challenging with the apple/ orange/ strawberry/ almond syrup/ gin/ hot chilli Red Fort, before moving in for the kill with the "world's spiciest cocktail", the Golden Dragon: rum, orange Curacao, almond syrup, lime, orange, and a single drop of secret chilli sauce, served with a gin & soda "fire extinguisher" -- an alkie safety device often used on Bon (Scott) Fire Night. Less tongue-atomizing numbers leap from a whiskey sour made with Indian single-malt and cardamom, to the vodka & apricot brandy Chai Tea Martini, to a Punjabi-style Mango Lassi made with saffron gin, guaranteeing your girlfriend'll be left to satisfy herself with an electrical banana. Zenna Bar 77 Dean St; W1D 3SH; 0207 437 2525 For the deets: http://thrl.st/ZennaBar

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