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Thrillist - Yonder Biology - San Diego, CA

Started by two former creatively-frustrated bio-tech'ers, SD-based Yonder's created an ingenious/rad method to "blend science with art", producing customizable mountings out of your specific genetic code, or even that of your favorite dog, unless your dog's the boxer who got Rex-chomped the last time a DNA-experiment got loose in San Diego. Select your basic design online, and they'll mail you a cheek-swab to taint with your cells and mail back, at which point things get sciency: they'll isolate the DNA via reagent-opening of the cells, capture the strands by vacuuming out the excess before amplifying them, and then finally separate the segments through gel electrophoresis, in which patterns're created by the segments sliding through agarose gel, all of which you were supposed to learn in 9th grade Bio, but -- omg, did you hear that Julia Rosenthal totally blew Matt at the semi?!? A high-res shot of the result's taken under UV light, and then manipulated to your liking with pre-set or choose-your-own color schemes, as well as the ability to place text and/or an actual photo behind the DNA design, with past examples ranging from simple self-portraits, to a snowboarder charging off a cliff, to a uniformed kid on the mound with "Baseball...it's in my DNA": probably true, as his Dad must've homered at least once. For the deets: http://thrl.st/oK5Rg6

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