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Thrillist - SkyZone - Atlanta, GA

Neither Van Halen, Kris Kross, nor The Pointer Sisters could make you want to jump as enthusiastically as Sky Zone, GA's first all-trampoline walled playing court, and the only place to get 12ft in the air while practicing your Slamball moves in preparation for battling Stan "Shakes" Fletcher, who you've never heard of, but was definitely really awesome at Slamball. Casual intrepid leapers can roll in for Open Jump, during which they'll outfit you with special "jumping shoes" and set you loose on your choice of springy courts: a SkySlam basketball one complete with rims and backboards; another strictly for jumping, with no restrictions on flips or totally sick 180s; and a Foam Zone that features a giant pit of foam cubes that Scrooge McDuck would swim through if he owned a ton of foam futures. If you're still not tired of jumping much, much, much higher than Kirk Hinrich after all that, there's also an accessed-separately "3-D Dodgeball" court where you can fire away at strangers (or your own crew if you rent it for a private party), although you'll wanna arrive early since admission hinges on court availability and "size separation", which either means they won't let you play against kids, or something about penises. Somehow, there's even more, including an entire sport they made up and inventively dubbed SkyZone, which's something of an insane hybrid involving football, hockey, volleyball, soccer, and skateboarding, yet somehow still retains "the grace of gymnastics", which anyone can achieve at this place, if they've had a chance to Warm it Up, Chris. To get the deets: http://thrl.st/vf8pJ7

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