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Thrillist - Sanner Cycles - Austin, TX

Run by a Florida transplant who cycled the US coast to coast twice before passing through Austin and falling in deep-like with its youth, DIY, and two-wheeled cultures, Sanner's an engineering workshop that helps anyone interested construct their own bike frame, manly labor that'll make you feel like a real Schwinner. The business gets done during either the basic 5-day or advanced 8-day workshop, where you first settle on a basic frame type: cross (higher bottom bracket for clearing rougher terrain), road (longer front end for stability), or touring (stretched for fatter tires and linear pull or cantilever breaks), all made using true tempered steel that's lighter than most aluminum and lugged/braised before welding for both impressive durability, and a stiffer riding experience. Oh no she didn't! After that, you'll draw up personalized dimensions, saw the steel tubes to size, and weld it all together either using masterful old-school precision or with the help of an alignment jig -- as opposed to a realignment jig, danced merrily by Colorado until they remembered they still sucked. For the deets: http://thrl.st/sannercycles

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