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Thrillist - Pleasant Pops - Washington D.C.

Run by two dudes who'd originally planned to open a Kosher deli/night club (...), Pop is an icy new outfit that'd previously been slumming it as a single-speed bike outfitted with a cooler and umbrella, and are now moving up to a 1000 'sicle-holding, funk-blaring 2500 Chevy Express van with an exterior mural of rallying pops marching on The Hill/demanding "pop rights", all designed by a graphic designer who'd previously worked on Obama's campaign, meaning she takes payment in change. Creative, seasonally-rotating fruit flavors are sourced fresh from farmers market fruits (no preservatives) and sweetened via organic sugar cane, with currently-available joints including the jalapeno-infused Cucumber Chile, Apple Cinnamon, and Watermelon Mint, the actual creation of which would dramatically reduce watermelon counterfeiters. Are you listening, Obama?? Non-fruit coolness includes dairy-based varietals like the Coffee'n Cream, Sweet Cream'n Corn, and the "people's favorite" Avocado Cream, all of which're sourced from PA's Trickling Springs Creamery, who turned to dairy when their water-bottling business proved slow. For the deets: http://thrl.st/nz74Kg

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