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Thrillist - Planet Rooth Design Haus - San Diego, CA

After a period of gallery-lessness forced by landlord/lack-of-space issues, Gustaf Rooth and his insanely artistic, ex-erotica writer "lover" are back with the PRDH gallery: a 5th Ave rebirth/re-up of Ray St's Planet Rooth Studios, which closed alongside his famed (but now defunct) art walk "Ray at Night" -- also the only guy you really shouldn't tease for wearing shades when it's dark. The spot's a fireplace'd fine-art showcase backed by a workshop and fronted by floor-to-ceiling windows, all achieved through 10 months of heavy construction on a creepy/dilapidated house that reminded them of the Adams Family mansion, but "when one sees the perfect blank canvas, you see stars"...though that may have been the result of a carbon monoxide leak and/or a ghost. Future exhibitors (all required to donate some portion of merchandise/sales to charity) include local portraitist/painter/illustrator Eliot Greenwald (who's work includes boobs!) and a Ray at Night-esque 5th on 5th art & culture walk; non-art plans include wine-tasting dinners, and on every 30th, an MTV-inspired "unplugged series", which there should be plenty of room at, if their name describes the marketing strategy, not the instrumentation. Planet Rooth Design Haus 3334 5th Ave; Bankers Hill; 619.297.9663 For the deets: http://thrl.st/planetrooth

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