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Thrillist - JumpWorks - Washington D.C.

A rentable stockpile of large-scale, party-pimping attractions, Bristow, VA's Jumpworks is helmed by a husband n' wife duo whose previous combined professional experience included stints in corporate aviation, event-work for Disney on Ice, and meeting-planning in the former Soviet Union, where one mistake could mean finding yourself on ice. The newest/sweetest attraction's the "Acro Spring" bungy trampoline: a four-tramp, harness-suspended, 26ft setup where bungees'll "super boost" even the least-boosty jumpers up to semi-harrowing heights, all designed by "4-time Olympic ski trainer, Mr. Frank Bare II", who apparently can't bare not having the same name as his father. Other nostalgic-adultness includes 15-foot-tall inflatable movie screens that come with booming, 16'' subwoofers (and a DVD player!), and the nauseatingly fun "Cosmic Quest" trailer filled with a lighted, spinning inner chamber blasting space sounds recorded from an actual space shuttle, which'll soon be your only chance to hear what space sounds like, unless you're say, Chinese. Or Russian. Just not-American. For the deets: http://thrl.st/nIWYvm

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