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Thrillist - Hipster Bingo App - Austin, TX

Just dropped by the all-ATX team behind SXSW-abetting Sched.org, this Facebook-synced iPhone game has friends competing to document the telltale signs of hipsterism all around them; the idea sprang from a developer's GF's one-off text calling out his totally stereotypical outfits, and's backed by an inescapable truth: that hipsters love "judging other people and using smartphones" (as long as they're not those actually productive Blackberrys). The app randomly generates a 5x5 card filled with thumbnail avatars of stuff embraced by the totally un-mainstream; see someone wearing/saying/doing said stuff, snap a pic, and the app auto-uploads it to Fbook, where friends can comment and compare to their own successes, like that dude they snapped with the must...oh, that's a cop. Boards are centered by a Technicolor-rainbow-unicorn "FREE" space, and filled out with usual suspects like a deep v-neck, a 16oz PBR, and skinny jeans w/ cowboy belt buckle; harder-to-find signifiers range from daring facial hairiness ("Wizard's beard"), to strange mammals like a pitbull puppy, the actual Bill Murray, and the ubiquitous "Wolf Shirt", which unlike Teen Wolf shirts, was really never in Stiles. For the deets: http://thrl.st/er8vYo

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