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Thrillist - Evereman - Atlanta, GA

An Atlanta street artist and musician who shies away from even the most modest personal fame (no photos!), Evereman creates awesomely minimalist home furniture in his Buckhead basement woodshop, and has created a website on how to create similar stuff yourself from scratch, although you should just remember to treat Lee Perry right and always use a coaster. As for buyable stuff, there're three sets of double-decker tables in the online shop (a small rectangular side job, a slightly larger end, and a 46in coffee number, all stamped with his robot-looking face logo); each comes in either ebony or maple veneer, and's constructed with poplar core plywood, threaded steel rods, and steel nuts, which're what Shaq clearly had to make that movie. You can download PDF instructions on how to assemble each table directly from the website, and he offers the aforementioned eight-step guides for making one from the ground up, from sawing the plywood and rods to the proper size to marking/drilling holes, sanding edges, coating the wood, and applying your own graphic, but not your own Graffx, because nobody's ever applied themselves after using one of those. For the deets: http://thrl.st/qPjglI

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