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Thrillist - Don Becker Puppets - Washington D.C.

A DC born n' bred marionette-maker who got his start puppeteering in high school, Don's since toured the world building/working his creations, traveling from Israel to Japan string-performing with a symphonic orchestra, and even fulfilling Steven Tyler's request for a personalized doll, presumably to stand in for his other puppet: Brad Whitford. Burned! Molds of the bodies/heads start as polymer clay, and are painstakingly beefed up over a Kevlar wire-frame before being given taxidermist glass eyes and various animal parts (from bones to bird's nests), after which the whole thing's fired in a basic toaster oven, painted, clothed, and strung up to "double airplane controls" -- though if the airplane's American, that might not be enough. His newest masterpieces include a gangly mutant with goldfish bug-eyes and a body wrapped in white sheep's wool; a yellow/greenish zombie-frog standing upright on a lily pad; and an evil mythical warrior decked out with a full black/gold suit of armor, short-sword, a rat skull for a head, and a rattlesnake vertebra for a tail -- ugly, though still not as bad as a rat-tail. For the deets: http://thrl.st/donbeckerpuppets

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