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Sushi knife restoration - Extremely Sharp

Restoration of a sushi knife who ends up getting extremely sharp and beautiful. In this sushi knife restoration, I restore a Japanese sashimi knife who is very rusty and have a broken handle. I got it from the metal dumpster in our hometown. The blade on this Japanese knife is very rusty. It was not deep rust more like it was left dirty outside in the rain for a couple of years. I used a light acid to loosen up the dirt and rust from the knife blade and used a copper brush to remove the rust that didn’t disappear in the acid solution. Then I grinded the knife blade with fine sandpaper grid 260. I do like black steel, so I decided to black out the knife blade with heat and oil. I used a light flap disc on the angel grinder to clear the edges to achieve the cool looking black/chrome combo. Some beautiful Japanese text (Kanji) appeared after removing the dirt and rust. I scratched it free with a needle and painted it gold. This looks really cool and I like the combo of black steel and gold Kanji on this Japanese Sushi knife. As a handle I used a part of an old hammer shaft and I decorated the new knife handle ends with black and red colors. This Japanese knife ended up being extremely sharp. I got the sharpness by using wet stone grid 300/600/1000 and 3000. I could have sharpened the knife even more with a leather strap, but I didn’t find is necessary. If you see me cut vegetables in this video you understand why. Sorry that I didn’t cut any sushi with this beautiful Japanese knife – I just didn’t had the time to make sushi also. (My wife was not home) – Next time I’ll restore a Japanese knife – I will make and cut some sushi with it – that’s a promise ;o) If you enjoyed my video, please like and comment. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 Please also see me turn an antique machete into a beautiful Japanese kitchen knife: https://youtu.be/0WlvIf5BFHk Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Warmest regards Martin

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