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Restoration of old Harley Davidson Motorcycle sign

Restoration of old Harley Davidson Motorcycle sign. This sign is a very rusty and full of old dirt, it needs a lot of cleaning to look good again. My gold is to hang it on the wall in my garage. This sign has been in my garage forever. I have been planning to fix it many times, but I never went that way. Now it’s the time to restore and remove all the dirt and rust and hang it on the wall where it belongs. Oh - did I tell you that I use to ride a HD, Dyna Fat Bob but I sold it 3 years ago. RESTORATION PROCESS I started with a quick cleaning of the sign to avoid getting too much dirt and rust in my sandblaster. I used a hard-plastic brush to do that job. After most rust was removed, I spray washed the dirty sign direct on the table. I used pure water. I have loaded the sandblaster with medium hard sand to achieve perfect results when sandblasting on cast iron. I use 115 psi pressure on my air compressor when sandblasting in this Video The Harley Davidson sign was very satisfying to sandblast because of all the letters and the amount of rust and old paint. When I was finished, I saw bad finish “leftovers” from the casting process of the cast Iron, especially on the edges. I decided to adjust the edges and try to remove all the craters, I used 2 different Bahco files and sandpaper grit 1000. I didn’t get it perfect there was too many air bubbles from bad casting process. PAINT JOB I did a black base powder coating on the cast iron sign and this time I used a Black RAL 9005 GL glossy. I hand painted all the details 2 times with Smooth red and smooth white Hammarite Metal Paint. It is a super strong combo with a base of powder coating with Hammarite details. I do think that this Harley Davidson Motorcycle sign will be fine the next 100 years. Please like and comment the video and tell me what you think. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 And DON’T FORGET TO SEE My Broken Machine Gun Lighter Restoration Video: https://youtu.be/j7TpCvk2Ik4 Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you soon. Music: Way Out West – From YouTube free audio library.

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