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Rare lighter restoration from the Vietnam war

Rare lighter restoration from the Vietnam War. This time I do a restoration video of a very cool cannon lighter that was sent to me to restore and repair. An old Vietnamese saw my other Vietnam Zippo lighter restoration and asked if he could send this one to me. At first, I was very skeptic and said no, but WOW lucky me, what a special thing to restore. It’s beautiful. He found this lighter in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh city) shortly after the Vietnam war among some other military gear. Thanks Mr. Phạm Văn Thìn. The cannon lighter seems very authentic and was in a really bad condition. There was rust and the metal was very thin with a big hole I had to repair. The lighter part was stuck, old and in a bad condition. Luckily for the project and me, the gas container, gas valves and sealings was in an OK condition and still worked fine after some minor repairs. There was no inscription, soldier or brand name on the lighter, so If you know anything about Vietnam war lighters, please leave a comment below. I really like to know more about this. Thanks. I enjoyed doing this restoration video and this I my third time doing a war lighter restoration – Beautiful experience. Sorry that I added chrome wheel to the lighter. Please forgive me for that it didn't turn out as expected 😉 This cannon ended up way more beautiful than I expected. And I even left some old patina behind. And you know what. I’m allowed to keep this lighter after this restoration. So, it’s a keeper. Not for sale!! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 Please also see my Zippo lighter restoration from Vietnam War: https://youtu.be/zeNhhjl9i_0 Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Warmest regards Martin Music Is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Found under: YouTube Creative Commons license free music Music “Chariots of war” & “Jungle” by Aakash Gandhi

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