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Old hatchet restoration

Old hatchet restoration. I this video I will restore my sons little axe and make super cool details. This rusty hatchet is from the 90’s and my son have been using it for wood slicing. It’s now time to give his tool a clean-up, repair and restoration. I started by removing the ugly plastic wedge so I could remove the axe handle and begin my job working on the head of the hatchet. The rust on the hatchet head was surprisingly just surface rust so I could almost wash all the rust of with regular soap water. NICE! The red painting on the head of this old tool was relatively easy to grind off. To this job I used an angel grinder with grid 360. I added a new cool shape to the back of the axe head with my belt sander grid 120/360. How to polish an axe head To get the mirror blank axe head effect I used my new polishing machine for about 1½ hour. I added a red metal paint to the bottom of the hatchets head. I think that it looks very good and fits this restoration very well. ;o) I re-used the old hatchet handle and sanded it nicely with belt sander grid 120 and hand sander grid 360. The result was a new beautiful and silky soft wood handle. I’m a sucker for wood handles – just loves them. To hold the handle, I used an oak wood wedge and 2 custom made brass wedges. This looks really cool on the axe for sure. I hope that you enjoyed this restoration video (Please hit “LIKE” and leave a comment) You can turn ON CC subtitles for further information while you watch this video. Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 DON’T FORGET TO SEE my super cool Butcher's Axe Restoration - https://youtu.be/nWEHqlZbrBM Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Warmest regards Martin Music credits: Thanks’ Bensound.com. for loaning me “Birth of a hero”. Beautiful music.

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