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Butane gas lighter Restoration D20 Howitzer from Soviet

Lighter Restoration D20 Howitzer. Old butane gas lighter from Soviet and a scaled model of a 152 mm artillery gun which I restore. Pretty cool. HISTORY The D-20 is a Soviet 152 mm towed gun. The D20 Howitzer was developed during the Cold War and adopted of the Soviet army in the 1950s. It’s a very reliable gun and was solid companion for the Red Army for many years. Operators who still use this cannon today is Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and the Syrian Army. The D20 fires fragmentation grenades and can launch laser-guided projectiles as well. It can even fire nuclear rounds. Maximum effective range with fragmentation grenades is 17.4 km and the grenades exceeded 600 m/s when fired. HOW DID I GET THIS RESTORATION PROJECT I found this lighter on eBay and I was curious to see if I could repair this old Soviet Howitzer gun and make it work again. I only paid 10$ for it, so the shipping was more expensive than the item this time. RESTORATION PROCESS All the metal parts on this Howitzer D20 gun was intact but rusty. Most of the aluminium has corrosion on it, so I chose to sandblast most of the gun parts. The butane lighter was in good shape, all the parts were functional. Only the lighter ignition was stuck, but I easily got it free with a drop of WD40. I have loaded the sandblaster with glass beads this time to remove all the unwanted remains and at the same time keep as many details as possible on the gun. I chose to spray paint the whole project with military color code RAL 6031 Please subscribe if you want to see more awesome restoration projects 🙂 Also see my Zippo Lighter Restoration: https://youtu.be/QDpIQ3oOAvw Thanks for watching my videos. See you soon. Music: Journeyman – From YouTube free audio library. No copyright music. Warmest regards Martin

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