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Broken Machine Gun Lighter Restoration - Browning M2 repair

Lighter restoration of a broken Machine Gun model Browning M2 .50 Caliber. I restore and repair this beauty and I also sandblast and make a custom part on my lathe in this challenging restoration video. I got this broken lighter from a fan who send it to me to restore. He wrote that he found it among some metal trash – somebody must have stepped on it, cause the machine gun tripod was broken and the gun barrel was bended in a way that was almost impossible to repair. The lighter was in surprisingly good shape, all the parts were functional. I did have to remove some deep scratches which I guess came from taking the lighter in and out from the machine gun when filling it with butane gas. The Machine gun needed some serious cleaning and sandblasting to remove all old dirt, rust and previous nickel plating. I have loaded the sandblaster with glass beads this time to remove all the unwanted remains and at the same time keep as many details as possible on the Browning M2 machine gun. I made a custom part on my lathe to link the machine gun tripod together with the Browning M2 cabinet. The old one was broken and unfortunately, I was not able to repair it. I used 3 brass pins to assemble the tripod. Please like and comment the video and tell me what you think. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more awesome restoration projects 🙂 Also see my Rare Lighter Restoration - World War 1 Trench Build: https://youtu.be/364f9SgLaZM Thanks for watching my videos. See you next week. Music: Jungle – From YouTube free audio library. No copyright music. Warmest regards Martin

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