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BOOT JACK Restoration - Rusty cast Iron sandblasting and powder coating

Restoration of an rusty Cast Iron Boot Jack. This is an ASMR restoration involving a lot of sandblasting, powder coating and hand painting jobs. I will continue the satisfying ASMR feeling in this restoration video also. So, there will be no music and no talk. I bought this cast iron boot jack on an antique market for 10$. I think it’s cool and I want to restore and use it here in our home in Sweden. We really need a jack when taking off the boots. We have winter with snow 5 months a year. I don’t know how old this boot jack is. But in the antique store they guessed that it’s around 100 years old. The cast iron on this boot jack is pretty rusty, so it was very satisfying doing the sandblasting part. When I start sandblasting the Boot Jack’s head, I saw bad finish “leftovers” from the casting process of the iron. I decided to stop with the sandblasting and adjust the edges and especially the head before continuing sanding. To remove all the craters, I used 5 different files, my mini grinder with a diamond head and sandpaper grid 1000/1500 with water to prepare polishing. I polished the horn (The jack part) to achieve the beautiful old and shiny look without being mirror blank all over. You can see it has age and I like that. I have loaded the sandblaster with medium hard sand to achieve perfect results when sandblasting on cast iron. I used the sandblaster two times for this restoration project. I use 120 psi pressure on my air compressor when sandblasting in this video. I did special powder coating on the Boot Jack and this time I used a signal Blue RAL 5003 glossy color to the back at the Jack. I hand painted the bottom of the Jack with Metal Paint Black Glossy. I added special gold transparent color effect on the neck, I think that this is the perfect transition from the Blue to the shiny polished horn. Please like and comment the video and tell me what you think. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects 🙂 DON’T FORGET TO SEE My Pipe Vise restoration video: https://youtu.be/5-HOuXMWgGk The timeline in this video is: 00:00 Preview of the rusty Cast Iron Boot Jack 00:36 Sandblasting 01:41 Removing bad fishing 02:09 Using mini grinder 02:30 Hand grinding 02:56 Machine polishing 03:23 Result from polishing 03:48 Sandblasting for the last time 04:34 Result from the sandblasting 05:13 Drilling 05:28 Improving the finish 05:59 preparing boot Jack for powder coating 06:44 Powder coating 09:01 Hand painting details 10:08 showing the result of my restoration 10:35 Testing the Boot Jack Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you next week. Music: Lucid Dreamer – From YouTube free audio library.

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