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Antique Hand Sickle Restoration Video

Antique Hand Sickle Restoration Video. Here I restore a very old and antique hand sickle with a really cool looking blade. I add a black pattern to the blade and gives it an old broken axe shaft as a handle which I think make this old hand tool even more beautiful. This hand sickle is about 100 years old and it was very rusty before the restoration. I use special electrolysis as rust removal from the sickles blade and I had a really hard time (many hours) removing/grinding and sanding down all the craters in the blade. I added black patina on the sickle blade to keep that antique look and polished the blade's edge into mirror blank. That is a rough combo… I think. What do you think? :) As a handle for the sickle I used a part of a broken axe shaft. This old hand tool ended up being really sharp, but I had a little problem with the tomato in the end of this restoration video… sorry for that ;o) We bought the hand sickle on a flea market for a very low price and I really enjoyed doing this restoration. If you enjoyed my video too, please like and comment. That will mean a lot to me! Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming projects 🙂 And DON’T FORGET TO SEE my super cool Butcher's Axe Restoration - https://youtu.be/nWEHqlZbrBM Thanks for watching my channel. See you soon. Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin Music credits: Thanks’ Bensound.com. for loaning me “DEEP BLUE” and "PERCEPTION". Beautiful music.

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