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Antique Drawknife Restoration - Old rusty hand tool restored

Antique Drawknife restoration. Today we restore this Old rusty hand tool and make it beautiful and usable again. I got surprised by how sharp this antique hand tools can be. This 100 years old Drawknife had already very sharp edges from the beginning of this project. Therefore I didn’t need to use machinery to sharpen the edges. I used my wet stones 180/600/1000 instead and after this old hand tool was restored it carves through wood like it was butter. I’m looking forward to carving some nice axe handles with this tool. I didn’t want to overdo the restoration of this already beautiful tool, so therefore I’m very gentle with the machinery. I used soap water, soft steel brush and an angel grinder with cleaning discs and some fine grinding paper. I also polished the draw knife with two different polish pastes, but again gentle, I like that it keeps some of the vintage patina. I found this beauty at a local antique store where they were selling out a lot of beautiful antique tools from a very old barnyard. I got several other tools. So subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects. This drawknife is my first YouTube restoration - If you want to see some of my newer work please see MY Antique Butchers Axe Restoration: https://youtu.be/nWEHqlZbrBM Warmest regards Martin Music credits: Betterdays and Tenderness from Bensound.com. Thank’s

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